Crovie (pronounced ‘Crivvie’) is a small, picturesque, sometimes dramatic village, on the north coast of Aberdeenshire, Scotland, only a short distance from the village of Pennan where the feel-good movie ‘Local Hero” was filmed.

It is only a single row of houses built on a very narrow ledge overlooking the sea. It has been a settlement since the 13th century but was boosted by crofters displaced from the north of Scotland by the Highland Clearances, who took up fishing to make ends meet.

I did this watercolour painting a couple of years ago but decided to get a few prints made only last week – sold out in a couple of days! It seems that quite a lot of people have happy childhood memories of Crovie, so I’m glad to have helped rekindle them.

Visit my online shop here to view prints for sale, current costs and ordering details.

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