Fittie, Aberdeen

This is my framed collection of three colourful 6×4 inch prints of scenes in and around the ancient fishing village of Footdee (pronounced “Fittie”), Aberdeen, from my original pen and watercolour sketches. I’ve set the three prints in a nice natural wood effect frame, external dimensions approx 26 x 10 inches.

When the North Sea oil boom started, Fittie was in danger of demolition to make way for an oil base, but fortunately it was saved and is now a thriving community, juxtaposing its traditional fishing heritage alongside its present-day oil neighbours.

I’ve tried to capture this in my sketches, the narrow streets, colourful out-houses and harbour traffic.

Fittie is a popular destination for locals and tourists, but largely out-of-bounds during 2020 due to the Covid-19 lockdown, so this is a reminder of its attractions.

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