Kings College Aberdeen

This may not be one of my better paintings. I could have done some parts much better and others I’d have done differently. It might not look too bad from a distance, but it doesn’t pass close scrutiny.

However, even though it’ll be consigned to my “never to be seen again” drawer I’m actually quite happy with it, for three reasons:

It was done using only the three primary colours shown (all from Winsor & Newton): Winsor Blue (red shade), Permanent Rose & Winsor Lemon. I managed to get all the colours and tones I needed from mixing just these three,

I completed it in under two hours, a sprint for me, and

I started using paint from tubes again, rather than my usual pans. Pan paint is just a hardened version of what you get in the tubes, otherwise they’re exactly the same, and pans are great for detailed work when you don’t need a lot of paint. However, it’s much easier to get a richer mix and a greater quantity of mix from tubes. I’d forgotten just how much better tube paint is for painting larger areas, so good to be reminded.

Therefore it’s been a worthwhile exercise, even though it won’t be seen again!

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