Artist’s Impressions, based on Architect’s Plans

This was a tricky commission, I was asked by a local developer to do an artist’s impression of a proposed building based on his architect’s drawings.

It was tricky for a number of reasons:

1. The architect’s plans showed, amongst other things, face-on elevations of the four sides of the building, but the customer wanted me to produce two views, approaching the building from different angles, each of which incorporated a different two of the architect’s elevations.

2. The proposed building has a complex shape, looking from above it’s a bit like a “V” with a bar across the pointed end, with the “bar” facing the road and the two arms of the “V” looking out to sea. In addition there’s a platform between the two arms of the “V” which is partially roofed over.

3. An added complication is that the proposed building will be on a slope, so the ends of the “V” and the platform are on stilts.

4. In addition, the customer wanted my impressions to show how the proposed building would look it its surrounding landscape/seascape.

5. Finally, just as I finished the work, the Local Council Planning Dept advised my customer that they required some changes to the design, which I had to incorporate!!

So, in addition to interpreting architect’s plans, which I hadn’t done before, there were perspective, scale, colour and landscape issues to resolve in the production of these paintings.

Thankfully my customer was very happy with the outcome, which was submitted to the Planners and used to give local residents an indication of what the proposed building would look like.

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