Line Portraits

Something new for me – I’ve started doing personalised line drawing portraits, unique and inexpensive pieces of minimalist art, based on photograph(s) provided. They’re drawn in a freehand flowing line style, coloured as required to enhance the composition and perhaps to pick out a few highlights.

The compositions that work best for line portraits are natural looking moments, rather than facing directly at the camera; so looking down, to the side or from behind work best. I can combine subjects from several photos if necessary and, of course, will make as many alterations as are required until the customer is 100% satisfied.

My customers receive digital .jpg and .pdf files of the portrait that they can print on their home printer, at a local print shop or using an online print service, so no physical item is normally shipped by me. However, I can also produce prints of the portrait if required, up to approx A3 size.

Pricing depends on the number of subjects in the portrait, where a subject could be a person, a pet, etc.

If you’re interested please contact me through this website or visit one of my online shops: 



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