Images of Footdee

This is a series of five small, colourful 6×4 inch sketches of scenes in and around the ancient fishing village of Footdee, Aberdeen (“Fittie” to the locals).

When the North Sea oil boom started, Fittie was in danger of demolition to make way for an oil base, but fortunately it was saved and is now a thriving community, juxtaposing its traditional fishing heritage alongside its present-day oil neighbours.

I’ve tried to capture this in my sketches, the narrow streets and colourful out-houses alongside an oil-rig supply vessel entering the harbour, passing the old harbourmaster’s control tower, and a view out to sea showing the old and new control towers on the edge of the village.

I’ve set the five original sketches in a nice natural wood frame. The external dimensions of the frame are approximately 65cm x 25cm and the images are all approx. 14cm x 9cm. It’s for sale at £40 plus postage at cost. Use the “contact me” link above if interested.

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