Polperro, Cornwall, England

Polperro is probably Cornwall’s most picturesque fishing village. The old buildings provide a timeless charm while the harbour is a scenic setting for morning walks and evening dining. The small beach is just outside the harbour walls, slightly away from the hustle and bustle of the village.

Not so very long ago Polperro and the hidden coves along the surrounding coastline were a smugglers haunt, but nowadays the stunning views make it a haven for artists and holiday-makers.

(Interesting fact: “Emmet” is what the Cornish call the tourists that flock there in the summer months. Literally it means ant, but it’s been adapted to describe holidaymakers because they only come in the summer and run away when it rains!)

This is my interpretation of a Polperro scene. https://GordonMclemanArt.etsy.com

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